About Me Denise Dodson

Uniquely Qualified

Denise Dodson is an expert hypnotist, trained in law and hypnosis. She is an active community member, leading and mentoring teens on an international level.

Her training includes:

  • The Johns Hopkins University – BA 1989
  • University of Maryland Law School – JD 2003
  • Harvard Program on Negotiation – 2012
  • Knightsbridge Institute  – CHT – 2012
  • ICBCH Professional Hypnosis – CPH – 2016

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very powerful and beneficial therapeutic tool. It is an enjoyable state of relaxation combined with focused concentration.  We naturally drift in and out of hypnotic states every day while watching television, daydreaming, driving long distances and just before falling asleep.  When your conscious mind is relaxed, your subconscious mind becomes more alert, aware and focused.

During hypnosis, you remain in total control while your subconscious mind learns new tools and resources for the changes you want.  Hypnosis makes achieving your goals easier.

During hypnosis, all outside distractions are eliminated and your attention is focused on the present in a subconscious state. This state of profound concentration permits the guidance of suggestions directly into your unconscious. Under hypnosis you become not only more aware of unhelpful behavioral patterns but more responsive to new, desired and beneficial ones.
If you’ve ever daydreamed in class, “spaced out” on the highway, or fallen asleep in front of the tv, you can be hypnotized.  These are all hypnotic states we experience day to day.

The techniques you will experience during hypnosis are the same visualization techniques used by athletes to create the winning edge for success.  Some clients feel deeply relaxed during theirs sessions, while others focus keenly on their goal.  If you can follow simple instructions like “count backwards from 10,” you can benefit from hypnotism.

Hypnosis Works!

People often ask, does hypnosis really work? The answer is of course, yes it does! Many of my clients have experienced profound and rapid change. But more importantly, the research shows many clients can benefit including those with I.B.S., anxiety disorders, and people seeking to change habits like smoking cessation and weight loss. Call me today on (503) 347-7567 and discover how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals.